Photo by Lennard van Diggelen

Why I don’t eat cows, but do still wear them

At the beginning of January Lennard and I travelled east for a weekend at my grandparents’. For the first time since I have changed my diet my grandmother had to make dinner for me (which she did outstandingly!), and of course that change was discussed multiple times. But while playing cards she actually said something that made me think about my new lifestyle and why I have chosen to stop eating animal products. What she said had to do with […]Read more

Amazing no bake vegan "cheesecake" with a simple oat-raisin crust. Easy to prepare, requiring just a few ingredients and a little food processor! The flavour combinations and variations are endless with this one!

Easy no bake vegan “cheesecake”

I have to get this of my chest first: we are not going to make a cheesecake. BUT WAIT! Before you walk away, let me explain myself: the title says “cheesecake”, not cheesecake. So I am not really claiming I have a recipe for an easy no bake vegan cheesecake for you. Not really. Just sort of. But it’s not my fault you guys. If you believe it or not, there’s just no English word for the cake I have […]Read more


Where to eat in Stockholm

It has already been three weeks since we left for our 5-day trip to Stockholm, time flies! I planned on posting this blogpost way sooner, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Even after only 5 days off it’s hard to get back in your normal routine of work and daily business. But I also had way more fun editing our first vlog (you can find it later on in this post) than going through the photos of […]Read more

Strawberry balsamic pasta salad

Strawberry balsamic salad, made with love

Yesterday. It was just one of those days. Monday. It maybe happens once or twice a year I have to work late – so I can’t complain – but for some reason it always turns out I have to stay when I am about to call it a day and go home. Every single time. Five fifteen and all hell breaks loose. So, yesterday. I turned off my computer at 19:30, got at the train station at 19:45 and wow.. […]Read more

how to break cravings on a plant-based diet

5 tips on how to break cravings on a plant-based diet

It’s 22:30 PM and I am seriously craving some sweet & salt popcorn. I can see it from the corner of my eye, but I am not giving in yet. There is also some left-over dinner in the fridge or peaches on the table I can eat. What to do, what to do? Taking another sip of my orange hot chocolate. Lennard doesn’t agree with the hot chocolate because it’s not THAT cold outside. I say society has brainwashed him […]Read more

Miso roasted aubergine stuffed w/ vegan sausages //

Miso roasted aubergine stuffed w/ vegan sausages

A few weeks ago we stayed at my parents’ on a Saturday, which meant we had to go grocery shopping in their little town. This was an interesting experiences for two different reasons. One, being the fact that what I bought at the farmers market was 3 times more expensive as what I would’ve paid at our farmers market. It was RIDICULOUSLY expensive! And two, their supermarket is so much more awesome then ours. We live in the city center […]Read more